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CANSO signs joint declaration on the future of the Single European Sky

The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) has signed a joint declaration committing to finally and fully implementing the Single European Sky at the European Commission’s Digital European Sky conference, organised together with the Finnish Presidency.

CANSO signs joint declaration on the future of the Single European Sky


Digital, seamless European Sky

CANSO, the global voice of air traffic management, including 35 European air navigation service providers (ANSPs), has joined aviation industry partners and stakeholders in committing to delivering a digital, seamless European Sky.


Joint declaration

The declaration signatories – 21 aviation associations, have called upon the European institutions and Member States to consider the steps necessary to achieve the goals of the Single European Sky, assessing their potential impact, costs and benefits. They have also called on the European institutions to simplify the regulatory framework and institutional set-up to make the European ATM network fit for the future. 

The declaration highlights how CANSO ANSP members are committed to delivering the Single European Sky through technological, safety, operational and environmental improvements, and to working in partnership with all stakeholders in the aviation value chain and the EU institutions.  

Cooperation among all stakeholders is a key component of the CANSO Europe Vision 2035, which sets out a blueprint for the ATM industry’s evolution.

Tanja Grobotek, Director Europe Affairs said: “This Declaration is a milestone for the European aviation industry. It provides vital momentum that will shape the future of the Single European Sky, and highlights how CANSO has redoubled its commitment to working with industry partners and institutions to enhance European ATM performance. Only through the full implementation of SES, can we provide to Europe and its citizens the efficient and sustainable airspace we all deserve.”

“Europe is currently at the front line with regards to the technological development and deployment of ATM technologies. To ensure we make the most of this potential, CANSO is also calling on the EU and its Member States to work with the aviation industry to support the SESAR Programme and the further development of ATM through enhanced infrastructure and digitalisation and flexible, performance-based regulation. Together this will help to optimise airspace and ultimately deliver a truly seamless sky.” 

CANSO has also committed to tighter engagement with the industry’s social partners to optimise aviation performance in Europe. CANSO has produced a Toolbox for Successful Social Dialogue in ATM in partnership with ATCEUC and ETF to promote best practice in social dialogue, and will work with industry partners and European institutions on addressing the human dimension of developing and deploying new technologies for the future of ATM.

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Sophie 15/09/2019 17:33

I'm wondering i fthe tollbox for successful social dialogue has been used in France

Bernie 16/09/2019 17:22

That's a real question...