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CANSO statement on global impact of COVID-19 on aviation

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to cause serious public health concerns, the significant drop in travel demand it has triggered is impacting all regions and all those whose job it is to ensure safe and efficient global connectivity by air. During this challenging time, CANSO is committed to working with the industry to deliver seamless service.

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Global impact of COVID-19 on aviation

"The air traffic management industry that CANSO represents plays a vital role in the aviation system and has always been committed to public safety as our first priority. We understand the importance of the measures being put in place to protect the public at this time and the difficult challenge governments and public health authorities are dealing with," said Simon Hocquard, CANSO Director General.

"As well our concern for the communities we serve, we have a deep concern for the impact on the aviation industry. The cost will be felt most keenly by our airline customers, but will affect the entire aviation system. Air navigation service providers are assessing the changing traffic forecasts on an hourly basis to ensure we provide an optimal service. We also call upon governments to offer what support they can to the aviation sector for the duration of this crisis."

"The only way the aviation industry can successfully navigate through these difficult times is if we all work together to ensure that aviation remains the safest and most efficient mode of transport. Air navigation service providers are cognisant of the importance of taking measures to safeguard our ability to respond when air traffic volumes return to normal," Simon added.

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