Toulouse-Blagnac Airport: passenger traffic increased by +6.7% IN MARCH

Traffic at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport increased by 6.7% in March, with a total of 768,044 passengers. Activity was disrupted by the cancellation of numerous flights due to public sector strikes in air transport and adverse weather conditions. While domestic traffic remained stable, international traffic was up 14.9%, accounting for 47% of the total traffic. The market share of low-cost flights claimed 41.8% of the traffic.

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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport: passenger traffic increased by +6.7% IN MARCH



Domestic traffic: 403,109 passengers (+0.1%)

Traffic with Paris fell by 3.9%, with a stronger decline for Paris-Orly (-5.7%) and a slight increase for Paris-CDG (+1.2%).

Regionally, traffic maintained good growth (+11%) with positive results for the vast majority of destinations. The most significant increases were recorded for Brest (+54.4%), Nantes (+30.8%) and Strasbourg (+16%).


International traffic: 360,888 passengers (+14.9%)

The Schengen area accounted for 64.6% of this traffic, with growth of 15.8% (233,029 passengers). Madrid was the leader in this segment with an increase of 8.7% (34,252 passengers). The highest increases were observed for Venice (+280%, 5,130 passengers), Lisbon (+128.7%, 17,953 passengers) and Barcelona (+60.7%, 2,075 passengers).

Outside the Schengen area, traffic with London (+9%) dominated with 62,063 passengers spread over four airports: London-Gatwick (-7.1%, 21,098 passengers), London-Heathrow (-0.2%, 20,000 passengers), London-Stansted (+70.1%, 15,870 passengers) and London-Luton (+5.2%, 5,095 passengers). These results make the British capital the second-ranked destination from Toulouse-Blagnac after Paris, all traffic combined.

Traffic with North Africa is on the rise (+16.1%), with upward trends for Morocco (+27.2%, 17,705 passengers), Tunisia (+20.3%, 6,255 passengers) and Algeria (+2.6%, 13,424 passengers).



Freight and postal traffic increased by 0.7%, with 6,750 tonnes handled.



The number of movements was stable (-0.1%), with 7,378 movements recorded. The average passenger load per flight increased (114 passengers) compared to that of February 2017 (106 passengers).

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