Saudi Air Navigation Services selects FREQUENTIS voice, recording and remote monitoring solutions

The Saudi Air Navigation Services Co. (SANS) will replace all existing VCS systems at the air traffic control centres in Riyadh and Jeddah with Frequentis VCS3020X and DIVOS Recording systems. The state-of-the-art IP-based voice communication system provides a smooth migration along with a remote monitoring system and additional emergency IP backup solution planned for implementation.

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Saudi Air Navigation Services selects FREQUENTIS voice, recording & remote monitoring solutions

Frequentis and iCAD will replace the existing VCS systems in Riyadh and Jeddah as well as provide additional recording and remote monitoring systems

As part of the project, the Jeddah control centre will receive 110 new controller working stations, and Riyadh will receive 65 new working stations.  Within this project new IP Radios from Rohde & Schwarz will be integrated for 30 sites. Frequentis VCS3020X provides safety-critical Air/Ground and Ground/Ground communication with the highest reliability for single and networked ACCs, approach units and aerodrome control towers, bringing unrivalled scalability and redundancy without compromising on quality of service or safety.


Frequentis’ market-leading voice and data recording solution DIVOS will provide analysis of all relevant data such as voice, screen, and radar data, increasing efficiency, data integrity and allowing incident investigation. DIVOS is in use in over 50 countries and provides specific ATM-grade functions such as compliance to the latest ED-137 Voice-over-IP specifications.


“We are looking forward to implementing our state of the art VCS and DIVOS solutions for SANS, providing them with high availability voice communications systems based on IP technology.” Says Hannu Juurakko, Vice President ATM Civil, Frequentis.


iCAD, Frequentis' regional contract partner and main contractor for the project, based in the Middle East, will deliver the project, with the roll-out expected to take a total of 30-months.


“With this project and with our leading technology partner Frequentis, we are convinced that we will deliver a state of the art system to SANS to improve the Air Traffic Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, we are looking forward to strengthening our relationship and working on further joint projects in the region.” Says Ghassan Sayegh, CEO of iCAD.

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