Aalborg Airport upgrades to CAT III with Indra Navia’s NORMARC landing system

Aalborg Airport has recently started to operate with its new instrumental landing system (ILS) from Indra’s Norwegian subsidiary, Indra Navia, and has been thereby upgraded to a CAT III airport. This is an important step in improving flight efficiency at Aalborg Airport, which ranks as Denmark’s third most busy airport.



The implementation means an upgrade to CAT III for one of Denmark’s busiest airports

The project was a cooperation between Aalborg Airport, Danish air navigation service provider Naviair, and Indra Navia. Indra Navia delivered their NORMARC landing system as well as distance measuring equipment (DME).

“The installation process has run smoothly, and everyone has put great efforts into the project. We look forward to seeing the results, as this will greatly improve the air traffic efficiency in and out of Aalborg”, comments Søren Svendsen, CEO of Aalborg Airport.


The upgrade is expected to improve air traffic efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint and improve passenger satisfaction

“Upgrading to CAT III with our NORMARC 7000 landing system means fewer delays, reduced carbon footprint and more satisfied passengers. We are very pleased to have worked with Aalborg Airport and Naviair on this project”, says Hans Christian Guren, Navigation Director of Indra Navia.  

Aalborg Airport has previously held Category II and I classifications. The airport has both civilian and military traffic, and is located in the northern part of mainland Denmark.

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