CANSO Global ATM Summit

The CANSO Global ATM Summit and 22nd Annual General Meeting highlighted the increasing importance of digitisation and data for enhancing the safety, efficiency and harmonisation of air traffic management (ATM) globally.

canso global atm summit

Jeff Poole, CANSO Director General, said, “Aviation is a rapidly changing industry and an important role for CANSO is to provide a forum where Members can review and discuss evolving technologies and developments; determine their applicability for ATM; and develop best practice and guidance for Members to implement them.

The Summit explored how the ATM industry can utilise data to provide the critical information and consistent key performance indicators needed to ensure safety, performance and sustainability. Digitisation and effective use and sharing of data in the ATM industry has the potential to transform global ATM performance, bringing huge benefits for airlines and other airspace users in terms of increased efficiency and enhanced safety.”

The CANSO Global ATM Summit and AGM is the flagship annual CANSO event for the leaders of the ATM industry. It explores the latest influences and drivers of change in the industry and makes decisions about CANSO’s work and its future direction.

This year the event was hosted in Bangkok by AEROTHAI, with Aireon as Lead Sponsor, and focused on digitisation and the importance of big data in enabling more efficient, effective and seamless ATM operations globally.

The event was opened by Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Minister of Transport, Royal Thai Government and Jeff Poole, Director General, CANSO. The keynote speaker providing the airline view was Captain Pongtorn Thepkanjana, Executive Vice President, Operations, Thai Airways. CAPA - Centre for Aviation set the scene by presenting global economic and market trends in the aviation industry.

This was then followed by sessions that looked at how other industries utilise data and digitisation; how the ATM industry can best take advantage of the data revolution; along with some practical examples of how data is being used in the industry.

At the Annual General Meeting, Martin Rolfe, CEO of NATS, was elected to the CANSO Executive Committee as Member at large.

Two new Members of the Executive Committee are Hamza Johari, Director General Tanzania CAA, as Chair of the Africa CANSO CEO Committee; and Jan Klas, CEO of ANS CR, as Chair of the Europe CANSO CEO Committee.

The Executive Committee re-elected Teri Bristol, COO of FAA ATO, as Chair and elected Rudy Kellar, Executive Vice President, NAV CANADA as Vice Chair. Details of the new Executive Committee can be found at

The CANSO Global ATM Summit and 22nd Annual General Meeting was attended by 272 delegates from around the world. The CANSO Global ATM Summit 2019 and 23rd AGM will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, 17-19 June 2019, hosted by skyguide.

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