Sun Flyer 2 Prototype with Siemens Motor Installation Commences

New components are being completed and final assembly is underway with testing to begin soon on the “Sun Flyer 2” prototype using a Siemens electric propulsion motor and inverter.  The work is underway at the Bye Aerospace facilities at Centennial Airport (KAPA), south of Denver, Colorado.

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Sun Flyer 2 Prototype with Siemens Motor Installation Commences

Siemens Motor Mount on Display at Sun Flyer Booth #90

Bye Aerospace, the developer of the Sun Flyer family of aircraft, announced its partnership with Siemens in late May. Siemens will provide the SP70D motor with a 90kW peak (115 HP), and a continuous rating of 70kW (90 HP). The motor is specifically designed for the needs of the two-seat class of flight trainers.


George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, said the Sun Flyer 2 engineering and operations team continues to make significant progress. “The company is on track to receive FAA certification for Sun Flyer 2 in 2020,” he said.


The Sun Flyer family of aircraft will be the first FAA-certified, U.S.-sponsored, practical, all-electric airplanes to serve the flight training and general aviation markets. Aircraft features include enhanced speed and altitude performance with very low operating costs, low aircraft unit costs, low noise and the elimination of exhaust pollutants. Electric energy, or “fuel,” cost for Sun Flyer is multiples lower compared to the per-hour flight cost for conventional piston-engine leaded avgas airplanes.


A mock-up display of the Sun Flyer 2 with the Siemens motor mount is available for viewing at the Sun Flyer booth #90 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

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