ENAIRE.es launches its 'online' store

ENAIRE, the company belonging to the Ministry of Public Works that is responsible for air navigation in Spain, as part of its strategic 2020 Flight Plan, continues to digitally transform itself even further, and, as of today, offers anyone using aeronautical information the possibility to purchase ENAIRE's products directly from its website ENAIRE.es.

enaire new online shop
ENAIRE’s new store

The ENAIRE website opens a new sales channel for products offering aeronautical information

ENAIRE’s new store, tienda.enaire.es, has a customized web design accessible from any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer), thereby simplifying user experience. You will be able to purchase aeronautical charts and other products offering information directly from this website, receiving them by mail at home.

Aeronautical information is presented in the form of different products, such as the 'ENAIRE Visual Flight Guide' or 'VFR500 Charts' for General Aviation that were already available on ENAIRE.es and can now be directly acquired using this platform at the click of a button.

Recently, the 'ENAIRE Visual Flight Guide', which includes all the details of Spain's aerodromes, can be consulted free of charge and openly at guiavfr.enaire.es.

enaire ais new shop

In Spain, ENAIRE is responsible for the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), which provides all necessary advice and information for operational air navigation safety and efficiency.  The information provided allows airlines and airspace users to properly manage and plan operations.

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