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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport: traffic increased by 5.2% in October

Traffic at Toulouse-Blagnac airport increased by 5.2% in October, with 888,426 passengers recorded. Domestic traffic, up by 3.9% compared with October 2017, represented 51.7% of traffic; international traffic (+6.7%) accounted for 48.3% of total traffic. The share of low-cost flights represented 43.2% of the local traffic with 382,007 passengers.

TRAFFIC at Toulouse-Blagnac airport: +5.2% IN OCTOBER


Domestic traffic: 457,015 passengers (+3.9%)

Traffic to Paris increased (+2.3%), due to the Paris-Orly route (+3.2%, 224,979 passengers), which offset the slight decline in traffic to Paris-CDG (-0.4%, 82,234 passengers).

Regionally, traffic maintained a high level of growth (+7.5%, 149,802 passengers) with positive results for the majority of destinations.

The destinations that recorded the strongest growth were Caen (+107.2%, 4,296 passengers), Rennes (+42.8%, 9,628 passengers) and Ajaccio (+21.1%, 3,501 passengers).


International traffic: 426,835 passengers (+6.7%)

he Schengen area (67.2% of this traffic) recorded growth of 7.4% (286,667 passengers). Madrid strengthened its position as leader in this segment with an increase of 13.6% (35,659 passengers). The destinations that reported the strongest growth were Porto (+59.1%, 9,472 passengers), Seville (+41.3%, 6,509 passengers) and Palma (+41.1%, 5,837 passengers).

Outside of the Schengen area (+4.9%, 86,624 passengers), traffic to London comes out ahead with an increase of 3.8%, i.e. 61,747 passengers split among four airports: London-Stansted (+17.5%, 16,964 passengers), London-Heathrow (+1.8%, 21,322 passengers), London-Gatwick (-2.6%, 19,191 passengers) and London-Luton (-2.9%, 4,270 passengers).

Traffic to North Africa continued to grow (+3.9%), with positive results for Tunisia (+23.6%, 8,908 passengers), and Morocco (+9.9%, 19,735 passengers), which offset the decline observed for Algeria (-13.7%, 12,393 passengers).

Charter traffic accounts for 1.4% of the international total, with 6,130 passengers.



Freight and postal traffic is up (+1%) with 5,981 tonnes handled.


Movements carried out (+0.6%). Average capacity per aircraft is 117 passengers compared with 111 in October 2017.

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