ALES at World ATM Congress: Air Traffic Control System and Simulator, EFS Prototype with ID Card Login and Advanced ATC Console

ALES will exhibit at the seventh annual World ATM Congress in Madrid. At the world’s largest air traffic management (ATM) exhibition, ALES will present its latest version of Air Traffic Control System and Simulator. New addition to company’s product portfolio is Electronic Flight Strip System deployed on a touchscreen tablet. All systems are installed on advanced ATC consoles, which are designed and manufactured by ALES.

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ALES at World ATM Congress: Air Traffic Control System and Simulator, EFS Prototype with ID Card Login and Advanced ATC Console

ALES, Member of ICZ Group, is a traditional supplier from Slovakia and Czech Republic with history spanning three decades. Since early nineties the company is providing solutions for Slovak and Czech Ministries of Defence. Air Forces of both countries operate Air Traffic Control Systems developed and commissioned by ALES. Both Armies use some of Air Defence Systems, Command and Control Systems, Search and Rescue Systems, and Special Production manufactured by ALES.

With main offices in Prague, Czech Republic and Trencin, Slovak Republic, ALES uses its unique expertise to serve Air Navigation Service Providers such as LPS SR, Sakaeronavigatsia, HungaroControl, Fujairah International Airport, CAA Nepal, CAA Bangladesh or DCA Malawi.

ICZ LETVIS® is System for Air Traffic Control developed by ALES. ICZ LETVIS® is a modular system prepared for future upgrades and capacity improvements to achieve safety and operational efficiency. All modules are built on modern technologies with centralized architecture.

ICZ LETVIS® CWS (Controller WorkStation) is the main workstation and the user interface for the System. The ICZ LETVIS® SIM (ATC Training Simulator) is a training module for the System. It simulates comprehensive image of an airspace situation for training of ATC controllers. The ICZ LETVIS® URDI (Universal Radar Data Interface) is the main workstation for Surveillance Data Distribution Systems.

Electronic Flight Strip System (EFS) is the latest addition to the ICZ LETVIS® family. In Madrid, ALES will demonstrate the prototype system where flight strips are viewed in a fully digital form on a touch-pen display. For maximum user comfort, the EFS is equipped with ID Card Login feature. Development of the EFS answers demand from military and civilian clients.

For many years, ALES provides Special Production solutions for clients who have individual requirements and need highly customized ATC consoles. ALES is a reliable supplier for HungaroControl, which in total procured over hundred consoles for their ATC and Remote Tower workspaces. In Madrid, ALES will present its 2019 model of advanced ATC console. The console can be operated with ID Card and touchscreen display. It has anti-collision function to prevent injuries and damages.

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