Delivering benefits for European passengers

Air traffic passengers across Europe are benefitting after the number of completed modernization aviation projects being deployed by SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) and supported by all operational stakeholders, reached the 100thmilestone.

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Delivering benefits for European passengers

The total number of fully completed air traffic modernization projects now stands at 108 – the first 100 representing an investment of EUR403 million – with a further 225 ongoing and 19 more planned, bringing new operational efficiencies as well as environmental and capacity benefits to Europe’s aviation industry.



Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager SESAR Deployment Manager, said: “These expected results indicate that the deployment of SESAR delivers actual contributions to the performance of aviation in Europe.

“The modernization projects not only provide operational solutions to meet the growing capacity demand, but also make air travel in Europe more cost effective, greener and safer for all EU passengers and citizens.

“And this is just the result of the first 100 completed projects, the aviation industry is – with another 231 projects ongoing and 10 planned – clearly boosting ATM modernization.”

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