GKN Fokker Services supplies ADS-B Out solution to Estafeta’s Cargo Airline

GKN Fokker Services and Estafeta’s cargo airline have signed a contract to deliver GKN Fokker Services’ customized ADS-B Out solution to Estafeta’s cargo airline B737 fleet, that is servicing Mexican domestic and global markets.

Estafeta a logistics service provider


GKN Fokker Services supplies ADS-B Out solution to Estafeta’s Cargo Airline

Customized solution being installed in four of the six fleet’s aircraft: 2 x B737-300Fs and 2 x B737-400Fs

Estafeta, a logistics service provider, needed to equip their fleet in order to comply with the new ADS B-Out mandate with deadline 2020. Operating their cargo airline from the international Airport Ponciano Arriaga as their main hub, Estafeta placed an order with GKN Fokker Services to ensure compliancy with the new regulations. In need of an ADS-B Out solution including standalone GPS, and flying a fleet with different configurations, the cargo airline was looking for a tailored solution.

After a phase of extensive information exchange, GKN Fokker Services and Estafeta are closely working together to guarantee the timely installation of a solution that fits all requirements and specifications. Estafeta has also purchased the Trafic alert and Collision Avoidance System 7.1 (TCAS7.1) modification from GKN Fokker Services.

Marcelo Bellezze, Sales Manager at GKN Fokker Services said: “We are very happy with Estafeta as a customer for our ADS-B Out solution. Especially for small to medium sized fleets with diversely configured equipment installed, our solutions are an ideal match. Winning Estafeta as a returning customer for the TCAS7.1 modification is a great appreciation for our team.”

Carlos Patricio Mata Llamas, Aeronautical Engineer at Estafeta said: “Working with GKN Fokker Services has been a professional and positive experience. The solution they offered and installed in our fleet is specifically tailored to our requirements. The team answered all technical questions in a highly qualified way and constantly kept up the conversation. Their customer-centric approach supported us in the best way possible to become compliant to the mandate 2020.”

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