Indra renews its offering in systems and technologies for defense and security to reinforce its leadership

Indra has restructured its offering in Defense and Security to position itself as one of the leading companies in the global market, with the capability to meet - with its comprehensive end-to-end systems and technologies - the needs in the five areas of Defense: Land, Sea, Air, Cyberspace and Space.

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Indra renews its offering in systems and technologies for defense and security to reinforce its leadership

The company develops its own cutting-edge technologies to strengthen security, which makes the world a safer place to live in. It achieves this by building ecosystems and cooperative environments, where clients, partners and governments unite to innovate.

To respond to the needs of a new and constantly changing environment, where new challenges must be addressed quickly, it has organized its business areas according to seven core elements:

  • Platforms, focused on developing the most rigorous systems for state-of-the-art land, maritime and airborne platforms.
  • Defense Systems, focused on integrated Command and Control systems to support more complex operations scenarios, such as Electronic Defense, digitalization of Operations, and airspace surveillance and control.
  • Security, where all the protection service technologies are developed to anticipate and deal with any and all kinds of threats.
  • Cyber-defense, to manage all kinds of cyberspace threats.
  • Space, for the use of space technologies applied to military operations.
  • Services and training solutions, encompassing every level of civilian and military simulations.
  • And Logistics and Maintenance, to guarantee the optimal development of the defense systems’ lifespans.

The rationalization that Indra has carried out of its extensive portfolio of solutions and services will drive forward and speed up their development, with the objective of continuing to achieve the critical mass that is essential to compete in this sector, on a global scale.

Being big enough is an essential requirement to lead the multinational consortia that are emerging to compete for major the defense programs that will be undertaken by the European Union, expected to generate a €13 billion cash flow during the period 2021–2027. Participating in these programs will set the course for the future of Spain’s Defense and its technological improvement.

The renewed basis of Indra’s offer is also designed to respond to the fresh need to deliver solutions that combine the solidity of the physical world and the capacity to innovate in the digital world. Defense and Support 4.0, Big Data, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are some of the areas that Indra is currently working on.

Concurrently, the restructuring of the offering is redefining the work processes within the company, to further strengthen its capabilities to innovate and develop its own ground-breaking solutions, ensuring a quicker delivery of said solutions, and to respond to changes as they emerge. All of this while maintaining its outstanding ability to adapt to the needs of each client and provide solutions to their problems.

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