Indra extends LFV radar network

Swedish air navigation service provider, LFV, confirmed its trust in Indra after increasing the number of radar systems purchased, including transportable units, that will strengthen air traffic surveillance, safety and capacity in Swedish air space.

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Indra extends LFV radar network to strengthen air traffic safety and capacity in Sweden

Indra is the worldwide radars supplier with references across five continents and high growth in the last year

New orders represent an important milestone for Indra as it becomes the largest supplier of LFV while maintains its growing figures in the north part of Europe. It strengthens at the same time its partnership with the foremost air navigation service providers worldwide.

As part of the agreement, Indra will provide maintenance services to LFV over the next years, ensuring proper functioning of the radars for their entire lifecycle.


LFV has recently order Indra a new batch of radars to achieve higher punctuality and secure the use of routes, enhancing the air traffic management

These new contracts follow those contemplated in the framework agreement signed in 2017 with LFV to supply Long-range primary 3D radars, Medium range primary S-Band radars and secondary radars to enhance air traffic monitoring and safety in the country. 

The first systems were deployed effectively and are now in operation at four locations distributed in the country presenting good performances and conditions for the safe control of the air traffic. This achievement has led LFV to the purchase of new systems.


Indra has become LFV largest radar supplier. The company reinforces its leadership in the market with the revolutionary deployment of 3D and transportable radars providing large benefits 

LFV has a staff of around 1,100, providing secure, efficient and environmentally friendly navigation services to civil and military aviation in Sweden, having managed 785,000 flights in 2018, representing a 3% increase on the previous year 99.9 percent punctuality and 100 percent of flight safety goals achieved.

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This is a really good news for our colleagues from LFV
INDRA is a very good company