Inaugural session of the European Parliament's Sky and Space Intergroup (2019-2024)

The members of the European Parliament's Sky and Space Intergroup (SSI) gathered yesterday for the inaugural session of the group. The SSI General Assembly appointed members of the SSI Board and approved the Intergroup's strategic priorities together with the 2020 Work Programme.

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European Parliament's Sky and Space Intergroup (SSI)

Among the main strategic priorities identified by the Intergroup for Space, the following were highlighted:

  • preserve the budget for the EU space programme under the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF),
  • define and push for a dedicated and “demand-based” industrial policy for space at EU level and for mitigation measures related to Space Traffic Management,
  • promote an integration of space-based capabilities into future digital infrastructures.

At the core of the future political objectives for Aeronautics, attention was focused on the actions aiming at:

  • reducing aircraft environmental footprint in terms of emissions and noise through ensuring the next generation and attractiveness of the European Joint Undertakings Clean Sky & SESAR in Horizon Europe,
  • promoting an EU Civil Aeronautical Industry Strategy, while fostering the investment in new mobility concepts and new technologies for civil aviation.

"Only together with all the political groups we can face the challenges ahead of us and contribute to the growth of the aviation and space industry and fulfil the requirements of a sustainable European economy. Industry should have a loud voice in the new green deal legislation proposal" said MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu, Member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism (EPP coordinator). 

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