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ATCEUC is stopping his cooperation with DG MOVE in the field of ATM

After several DG Move statements, it is clear that Director-General for Mobility and Transport, M. Henrik Hololei and Head of unit of Single European Sky, Mrs. Christine Berg are directly pushing ANSPs to further attack their employees’ working conditions. In the context where numerous colleagues are already suffering from massive salary reductions, layoffs and stopping of recruitment, ATCEUC finds this behaviour totally inappropriate.

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ATCEUC is stopping his cooperation with DG MOVE in the field of ATM

These attacks must stop immediately. ANSPs staff will not be made scapegoats especially when they are providing an uninterrupted and flawless essential service. Thus, allowing the repatriation of European citizens and maintaining the States crucial supplies of essential medicines and goods.


First of all, ATCEUC questions the right of the European Commission to make such statements. The European Commission has absolutely no jurisdiction nor right to interfere in the working relations between employers and employees.


Secondly, many States have decided to put in place protective measures for employees of all sectors even private ones during the Covid19 crisis. Why are these two European officials in full contradiction with States’ policies?


Thirdly, ANSPs have been facing a total absence of revenue since the beginning of March while at the same time maintaining 24/7 services. ANSP’s and their employees are hard hit and well aware of the situation. There is no need for additional interference from the European Commission to amplify the already worrying social situation.


As a consequence, ATCEUC is stopping his cooperation with DG MOVE in the field of ATM.

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