Air-Espace’s brand new ELITE DA42 FNPT II simulator receives full EASA certification!

Another Swiss customer has just purchased a state-of-the art ELITE simulator: Air-Espace. This flight academy is a huge game-player in the Swiss aviation industry.

ELITE DA42 FNPT II simulator
ELITE DA42 FNPT II simulator

With its fleet of five well maintained aircraft, such as three Bravos (AS202), one Bonanza (BE36) and one Diamond DA42, Air-Espace provides dozens of students every year solid, top quality flight training. Since 15 years, it's planes are a regular sight over the French part of Switzerland.

ELITE is very proud to have delivered Air-Espace a brand-new ELITE DA42 simulator with a G1000 visual HD. It has just received the full EASA certification and is now available for every level of today's professional pilot’s degree. „The realism of the G1000, which is essential to IFR training nowadays, is impressive", says Arsène Gigon, CEO of Air-Espace, who is deeply satisfied with the purchase of this ELITE product.

"Perfect ergonomics!" - The new ELITE DA42 simulator has left a huge impression on both the CEO and his staff. „We absolutely love the ergonomics of the simulator, as it is nicely tailored to the needs of the students and instructors", they say unisono.

ELITE sales manager René Huddlestone is very pleased to have Air-Espace as a long-term customer. "With our support contracts we ensure a maximal effectiveness of cooperation with our clients. This way, the technicians can provide the best possible and quickest service, due to the priority of our valued customers."

At Air-Espace, which is located at the airport of Neuchâtel-Colombier in the French part of Switzerland, the new simulator will be completely booked out for the next few weeks, such is the demand of IFR training.

CEO Arsène Gigon puts it to the point: „The aircraft performances are well respected and the proximity to reality is very good. The 180° visual in that regard is a great plus giving us a deeper immersion into the flight manoeuvres. It is very well adapted to IFR training, typically concerning IFR procedures with the G1000", CEO Arsène Gigon explains.

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