Beer tapping: Airport brewery invites to the Airbräu Oktoberfest

Not an Oktoberfest, but at least an "Airbräu Wiesn" awaits guests at Munich Airport from September 18 to October 3. The ceremonial tapping starts on September 18 at 11:30 a.m. with a short ecumenical blessing of the specially brewed festival beer "Gaudium".

Airbräu Oktoberfest/Wiesn' Copyright Munich Airport
Airbräu Oktoberfest/Wiesn' Copyright Munich Airport
Airbräu Oktoberfest

Visitors to the Airbräu Wiesn’ can choose between different menus.  On request, guests can tap their beer from their own wooden barrel at the table.

On weekends, live bands provide the right atmosphere. The current contact restrictions and hygiene guidelines apply to visits to the Airbräu Wiesn' event.


Authentic Bavarian beers

A tasty meal is ideally complemented by pleasant surroundings. You'll find both in the perennially popular Airbräu restaurant at Munich Airport, which features Europe's only brewery in an airport.

In the tavern and the adjoining covered beer garden, guests can enjoy hearty Bavarian classics such as roast pork and dumplings as well as a selection of international dishes. Airbräu also features a regular program of live entertainment, from traditional Bavarian bands to comedy acts.

The Airbräu beer garden is now open again daily.

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