Jürgen Schwarz Appointed as RED aircraft’s New CEO

RED aircraft GmbH has appointed its new CEO Jürgen Schwarz, with effect from 1st November 2021. Jürgen previously occupied the position of Head of Commercial within RED aircraft.

Jürgen Schwarz RED aircraft CEO aerobernie
Jürgen Schwarz RED aircraft’s New CEO
Jürgen Schwarz Appointed as RED aircraft’s New CEO

RED aircraft GmbH is delighted to announce the appointment of Jürgen Schwarz as its new CEO. Jürgen,the Head of Commercial at RED aircraft, has prior experience promoting the numerous benefits of the RED A03 power plant. This will be something that he seeks to continue as he takes up his new position. In addition to this, Jürgen will also seek to expand RED’s operations on a wider scale
Jürgen replaces Dmitry Remsha as CEO, with Dmitry now occupying the position of CFO, a position in which he had previously occupied until April 2020.
With an extensive portfolio of prestigious positions within the aerospace industry, Jürgen is ideally placed to realise RED’s ambitions for the future. Before his most recent positions at RED aircraft, he was managing director of Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH.
His roles within Pankl Turbosystems, Mahle-Motorsport GmbH and Mercedes-AMG all relied on communicating and highlighting the benefits of high-performance engines, of which the RED A03 has in abundance.
In his new position, Jürgen will be responsible for the overall running of the company, alongside managing resources, marketing and acting as a point of contact between the board of directors and corporate operations. He will also be the face of the company as it becomes further established within the aviation industry. Upon taking up his appointment, Jürgen issued the following statement:
“ I look to continue our growth working on a wide range of projects from retrofitting older airframes to hybrid innovations. RED aircraft is committed to providing solutions that serve to reduce the sectors carbon footprint ”
RED aircraft GmbH is a world leader in producing reliable, safe and highly efficient aero engines.The RED A03 offers reduced operating costs, environmentally friendly performance. It can also be fitted to different airframes making it the ideal choice for both newer conceptual aircraft, such as eVTOL, and retrofitted to older airframes with inefficient old technology
With his prior experience and background in aerospace, combined with the promotion of high-performance power plants and experience within RED aircraft, Jürgen is in an excellent position to highlight and expand the benefits of the RED A03 to a wider audience on a global scale.

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