The third edition of Legaldrone will be celebrated in the civil uav’s initiative theatre of 2022 expodronica pavilion

On next 22 of June at 13 hours in the Civil UAV’s Initiative Theatre of 2022 Expodronica Pavilion, president of the Spanish Association of Aviation and Space Law and director of the Aerospace Legal Observatory AEDAE & UCM GIESABIOLAW; associate professors, experts in matter; jurists; general managers of important organisations; head of areas in relation to technology and space rights will be met to address topics related to urban air mobility (UAM) from a legal point of view.

Ninth edition of Expodronica

The ninth edition of Expodronica, sponsored by UMILES Group, gathers the highest experts of the sector who will talk about legal questions in the context of urban air mobility (UAM) in its Civil Theatre on 22 of June from 13:00 to 14:30 hours.

These talks have the purpose of sharing information about UAM, U-space, sandbox, operators

and UASs.

Talks will be moderated by Ph.D Elisa González Ferreiro, president of the Spanish Association of Aviation and Space Law and director of the Aerospace Legal Observatory AEDAE & UCM GIESA-BIOLAW.

Below, an agenda with the different talks is exposed:

1. The Complexity of Applicable Normative to Sandbox in Urban Air Mobility:

Ph.D Yolanda Bustos Moreno, Associate professor of civil law and director GI "Civil Liability" at the UA. MICINN R+D+i Project "Artificial intelligence and tort law".

2. The Data Protection in the U-Space Scope:

Ph.D Efrén Díaz Díaz, head of the technology and space law areas of Bufete Mas y Calvet and Secretary General of the Spanish Association of Aeronautics and Space Law.

3. The Responsibility of U-Space Service Providers:

Ph.D Fernando González Botija, Professor and Secretary of the Department of Administrative Law at UCM. Director of the UCM research group GIESA-BIOLAW.

4. ENAIRE U-Space Project:

Daniel García-Monteavaro, head of ENAIRE's drone business development department.

5. Sandbow on an International Level: Present and Future:

Ph.D Israel Quintanilla, Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

6. Technical Challenges to insure Compatibility among UAS, Operators and U-Space:

Antonio Bedmar, general manager and founder at ABIONICA and PrimeCor Systems UAS/UAV Flight Control and autopilot specialist.

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