Berlin Brandenburg Airport : Air traffic concentrated at Terminal 1

BER’s Terminal 5 (formerly Schönefeld Airport/SXF) will be closed initially for one year as of 23 February due to low passenger numbers caused by the pandemic. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) will concentrate air traffic and passenger handling at Terminal 1.

2020-09-18-BER-SXF-aerial-view_85A7231 © Günter Wicker  Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
© Günter Wicker Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
Temporary last day of operations at Terminal 5 (SXF) on 22 February 2021

Public transport services and vaccination centre to remain unchanged

The current public transport service to and from Terminal 5 will not be affected by the temporary closure and will remain in its current state. The vaccination centre in Terminal 5’s Building M will remain in operation during Terminal 5’s closure. Citizens who want to go to the vaccination centre can use car park P56.

The shops and restaurants in and around Terminal 5 will close on 23 February. The shopping and restaurant facilities will stay to provide shopping and dining when the terminal reopens.


25 million savings contribution

Temporarily ceasing operations at Terminal 5 reduces personnel, building maintenance and flight operation costs. Savings of 25 million euros are intended by pooling air traffic at Terminal 1 during the one-year closure.


Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, Chief Executive Officer of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: “SXF Airport has served us very well so far. The airport buildings K, L, M and Q were fully integrated into BER operations as Terminal 5 when BER opened.

Before BER was commissioned, we invested in modernising Terminal 5’s facilities because we are still planning handling capacities for the entire decade until around 2030. We have organised the temporary closure from March 2021 in a way that ensures that we can get capacities up and running again within a few weeks, if required. That’s why we aren’t saying thank you and goodbye; just see you soon.

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