ENAV: signed agreement with all trade unions for 2021

ENAV and the Trade Unions signed an agreement for the year 2021 aimed at containing labor costs without use of furlough.

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Company and Social Partners together for the well-being of ENAV's people

The crisis in the aviation sector generated by the pandemic led to a decrease in flight in Italy and Europe of approximately 60% in 2020 and approximately 70% at the beginning of 2021, resulting in a sharp decline in incoming cash flow for ENAV.

The agreement reached with Trade Unions guarantees the containment of personnel costs and a better cash flow management, with no recourse to furlough or other initiatives that could have impact ENAV’s employee’s remuneration.

The agreement foreseen that all ENAV’s employees must utilize, by no later than 30 September 2021, all the RFS (Recovery of Suppressed Holidays) and 70% of the holidays accrued in the current year.

Furthermore, due to the persistence of the decrease in traffic, the Company can schedule up to a maximum of 4 days of vacation to be utilized in the months of February and March.

ENAV CEO Paolo Simioni stated: "Thanks to this agreement, we take care of our people, ENAV's strategic and essential asset, thanks to which our services represent internationally recognized excellence.

This result is a consequence of joint work begun last year with the Trade Unions. The sense of responsibility and professionalism of our job are the values allow us to protect the Company from the effects of the current pandemic crisis and to be ready, more united, for the upcoming challenges of air transport".

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