Women are flying high in aviation, but we must do better

Women are flying high in aviation, but we must do better
8 March - woman aviation aerobernie

We are Chief Executive Officers, C-level executives, Chairs, Founders, Vice-Presidents, managers, employees.

We are business workers who strive to benefit our industry.

We are determined, we are brave and bold, we are negotiators, and we are experts.

But there is still much work to be done to achieve the balance we need, particularly when it comes to gender diversity at senior levels.

Our industry offers a wealth of possibilities, it is innovative, and it is changing. It is diverse and it welcomes skills and drive.

Women not only belong in our industry, they are essential to it.

Let’s remind ourselves: since 1910, we have marked 8 March as a day on which we remember past struggles for women’s rights and in particular to reduce the inequalities women face compared to men.

This day reminds us – women and men alike – that we must continue to inspire progress for women to rise to new heights in aviation.

We have come too far to stop now.

Together, new horizons await.

From the cargo teams at Qatar Airways

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