Elixir Aircraft : a new part 23 aircraft coming to the US

Elixir Aircraft, the Type 23 certified, 4th generation Single Engine Piston aircraft manufacturer is excited to announce its commitment and focus on the North American market.

elixir aircraft fhlxa electric 4th generation usa aerobernie
©Elixir Aircraft
The 4th generation Part 23 aircraft is coming to the US

With its aircraft, the company offers a unique brand-new design leveraging innovative technologies such as Carbon OneShot airframe.

Since the middle of 2021 the company has been working on its strategy and investment plans for the North American launch and future business development. These areas of development will include investment in a dedicated US sales and marketing team, in order to meet the different requirements of the private owner pilot, and the flight training organizations, FTO’s.

US based assembly and demonstration site with the capability to expand to US based production and service center. Spare parts stock and logistics centers to meet the high level of after sales support expected from Elixir owners.

The company excepts to create over 100 new US based jobs in the next few years, stated, Arthur Leopold Leger CEO and Co-founder.

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