EVFLY announces its partnership with Air Cargo Trader Dubaï

EVFLY is going to start a partnership business with a reputable company that is Air Cargo Trader LLC (or ACT) and this partnership is effective from October 4th, 2022.

EVFLY announces its partnership with Air Cargo Trader (ACT) Dubaï for an enhanced collaboration

ACT was founded in 2004 and launched their GSSA and Air Cargo Charter brokerage services from Dubai (United Arab Emirates), determined to provide a cost-effective way for airlines and forwarders to expand their business and presence in these fast-growing markets. This client-centered approach continues to guide the present day relationships with EVFLY airline and forwarder clients.

Their highly experienced team has been providing proactive and professional air cargo management services. They adhere to the highest performance standards and provide airline customers with a full range of air cargo sales, services, management and customized solutions at a competitive price.

The terms of the partnership agreement are to give ACT the opportunity to do the marketing, sales and representation of EVFLY for the United Arab Emirates, East Africa and India.

Because of the long-standing agreement and past collaborations, it was an obvious choice to work with ACT to expand EVFLY's activities worldwide.

The two companies have many advantages to working together in a partnership because of their expertise and knowledge, and it will also give more business opportunities, and there are many. Parties collectively desire to work and collaborate together to strengthen their synergy for the commercial and operational development of EVFLY for the United Arab Emirates, India, and East Africa.

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credit photo : Ascendance Flight Technologies

Both companies will contribute their hard work to make this project a successful one.

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