EUROCONTROL and EASA release report on environmental transparency for air navigation service providers and step-by-step guide to improve

In close cooperation with European air navigation service providers, EUROCONTROL and EASA have released two reports on measuring air navigation service providers environmental impact and a guidance on how these organisations can reduce their carbon footprint as the aviation sector seeks to reduce its emissions by 55% by 2030 and reach climate-neutrality by 2050.  

Environmental transparency for ANSP

The documents are the result of two years of close cooperation among sustainability experts from air navigation service providers and other organisations who joined a Working Group on Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Service Environmental Transparency as part of the EUROCONTROL-EASA joint work programme.

The first report, “Critical review of ATM/ANS environmental performance measurements” is an inventory of the existing and future environmental indicators that could be used to measure ATM/ANS environmental performance. It also identifies strategic and technical recommendations, including proposals for future work aiming to help the ANSPs to improve their environmental disclosure and identifying areas where they can contribute to aviation industry strategic decarbonisation goals.


The second report, ”Step-by-step guide to measure, reduce and report your ANSP’s carbon footprint” provides an overview of what ANSPs can do to control their own environmental impact. It also equips the reader with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to apply carbon foot printing into their own ANSP business processes.

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