SC RAC MiG Presents The New MiG-35 Air Complex at Aero India 2019

RAC MiG introduced the new MiG-35 air complex at the ongoing Aero India 2019, showcasing the technological advantages of the generation 4++ multirole air fighter via live stream to high-ranking defence officials. The MIG-35 air complex will be armed with new types of guided and unguided air attack systems which provide maximum effectiveness in solving combat missions against air and ground / surface targets.

MiG confirmed the readiness to supply the MiG-35 air complex for Delhi under exclusive conditions
MiG confirmed the readiness to supply the MiG-35 air complex for Delhi under exclusive conditions


MiG-35 Air Complex

The MiG-35 has the following equipment installed: a new optronic sighting and navigation integrated system with a weapon control system, a new airborne communications complex, an advanced airborne radar with an active phased array and a digital integrated control system.

During the presentation, Ilya Tarasenko, Director General of JSC RAC MiG said, "India is one of our key foreign partners. Engineers of MiG Corporation have extensive experience working with the Indian partners and they understand all the needs of the Indian Air Force clearly. We are ready to supply the MiG-35 air complex to New Delhi under exclusive conditions.

These include unique technical solutions and the willingness to localize the MiG-35 production in India once the initial batch of the planes is put into service. Additionally, the purchase and operation of the MiG-35 fighter jet will cost the Indian Air Force up to 20% less than similar offers from direct competitors".

Specifying the high modularity of the MiG-35, Ilya Tarasenko said, "There is no need to disassemble the aircraft or even a part of it for maintenance and upgrading – just replacing the module is sufficient. In addition, replacement of the propulsion unit takes only 58 minutes in field conditions."

In addition to detailing the new MiG 35 air complex, Ilya Tarasenko also announced a new Public Joint Stock Company United Aircraft Corporation (PJSC UAC) after-sales service concept. Under this concept, all military and civilian equipment produced by companies belonging to the UAC will receive service support abroad in the "one window" format. This will significantly reduce the time and costs at all stages of after-sales service from the creation of technical centers to performing maintenance and repair works. It will also allow introducing a single standard for providing these services.

JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (part of PJSC UAC) is a full-cycle enterprise engaged in development, production, maintenance, repair, and modernization of modern aircrafts, as well as training of flight and engineer personnel. The RAC MiG product range includes modern air complexes, such as and the latest multirole air fighter MiG-35, fighter jets of the unified MiG-29K/KUB family, MiG-29M/M2, and deeply overhauled MiG-31BM interceptor fighters, as well as training equipment. The RAC "MiG" designers are intensively working at creation of a new generation aeronautical engineering, both manned and unmanned. Ilya Sergeyevich Tarasenko is Director General of JSC RAC MiG.

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