Centralized Network Surveillance System

GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, presents the latest software for high-density web-based network monitoring and surveillance system (NetSurveyorWeb™) for IP, Wireless, and TDM Networks.

features of NetSurveyorWeb™



“Network Surveillance System can record and playback phone calls and filter on calls of interest. The surveillance system facilitates historical storage, retrieval, querying, centralized reporting, and display of Call Detail Records (CDRs) by non-intrusively connecting to TDM/Analog, optical, or IP networks. Currently supported protocols include 5G, 4G (LTE, IMS, Diameter), 3G UMTS (IuCS, IuPS), 2G (GSM, TRAU, MAP, CAMEL), VoIP (SIP, ED-137, SIGTRAN, H.323, MEGACO, MGCP), TDM and analog systems”, said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications.

He further added, “Typically, the surveillance system requires various protocol analysis probes deployed at different physical locations. These probes capture and intelligently group the traffic into calls and forwards them to the centralized database server”.

In addition, “The central system comprises of a database engine, web server, and NetSurveyorWeb™, a web-based application, to facilitate data storage and retrieval through web browser clients. GL recently introduced a scaled down application called NetSurveyorWeb™ Lite which is an integrated and a cost-effective monitoring system with both the web server database engine and protocol analyzers deployed on a single system. NetSurveyorWeb™ Lite offers historical data retention up to 9 GB”.


Important features of NetSurveyorWeb™

  • Ability to support various decode standards like ANSI, ITU, ETSI, 3GPP, for all the supported protocols
  • Complete CDRs
    • Ability to identify and analyze CDRs using key performance indicators
    • Supports end-to-end multi-interface call flow
    • Display real-time data signaling, traffic and Quality of Service performance metrics
  • Search & filter calls of interest
    • Drill-down to calls of interest with customized filter and/or search options
    • Apply single or complex filters for data analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators
    • packet loss, gap, jitter, delay, RTP performance statistics, R-factor & MOS scores, and unparalleled voice band statistics
    • Signaling Performance - Signal level, noise level, and echo
    • Delay Measurements (round trip and one way)
    • Signaling Messages and Traffic Types; Successful and Unsuccessful failure causes
  • Graphs and Reports generation
    • Display customized reports and graphs based on SQL queries
    • Display graphs for various metrics like call completion ratio, answer call ratio, answer-seizure ratio, and call duration
    • Generate reports based on alarm triggers


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