World premiere for the latest ATC radio: R&S®Series5200

After weeks of suspense, Rohde & Schwarz finally launches a unique and efficient solution: a next generation radio with a revolutionary security-by-design architecture and extremely flexible network interfaces that goes beyond existing market standards.

R&S®Series5200 Rohde  Schwarz
R&S®Series5200 Photo Rohde & Schwarz


New ATC radio R&S®Series5200

This new ATC radio, the R&S®Series5200, is part of the ATC communications suite CERTIUM® with solutions from the microphone to the antenna.

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The R&S®Series5200 is designed from scratch to achieve the highest degree of security. Key features include:

  • Supports IP communications systems in line with ED-137 A, B and C
  • Multiple Ethernet interfaces for flexible integration
  • Secure by design: network separation down to the core
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Part of CERTIUM® communications suite



CERTIUM®: The advanced ATC communications suite

CERTIUM® is a fully IP based ecosystem for ATC. It features a complete portfolio from a single source and for the full life cycle of a system: From design, manufacturing and system integration to project implementation and tailored (after sales) services.

Rohde & Schwarz is the only ATC system provider who designs, manufactures and integrates all essential ATC communications components in a one-stop-shop with a single point of contact to the customer.

Rohde Schwarz certium
Photo Rohde & Schwarz

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