Polish Armed Forces continue to trust FREQUENTIS for air defence systems upgrade

The Polish Armed Forces selected Frequentis to upgrade communication for the Polish air defence centre in order to support the operational activities of air search and rescue groups. Frequentis will upgrade and expand the existing air defence voice communication system (VCS) and include preparing a red/black extension, among other enhanced functionalities for command, guidance and air search and rescue operations.

frequentis defence polish army aerobernie
Polish Armed Forces selected Frequentis to upgrade communication for the Polish air defence centre

Frequentis and the Polish Armed Forces have worked together since 2004, when Frequentis first provided its market leading VCS to support its mission critical demands. The close working relationship and reliable cooperation was the basis for the contract continuation with the Polish Armed Forces clearly expressing their full satisfaction with the existing Frequentis VCS solutions, meeting its requirements for security, safety and scalability as well as reliability.


We are pleased to be continuing our work with the Polish Armed Forces, providing them with failsafe communication to support its mission success,” says Peter Skiczuk, Frequentis Vice President Defence. “Our defence solutions support superior mission effectiveness by providing operators with an easy-to-use, comprehensive and secure toolset that includes everything needed for efficient mission management, securely combining Red/Black voice communications in one binaural headset and HMI.

Frequentis technology is designed with no single point of failure and built-in redundancy to ensure continuity of service. The open standard compliant IP solution has a proven track record of interoperability, guaranteed long-term support, unparalleled data security, and straightforward scalability, protecting investments.

The project will be implemented in six phases up until December 2022 and will comprise system modifications including a preparation of a Red/Black extension (secured / unsecured communication).

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