Next-generation airport management platform at Riyadh Airport

Riyadh Airport Company (RAC), which operates King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh, has collaborated with ADB SAFEGATE to launch a next-generation airport management platform at KKIA. The platform will enable RAC to take full control of operations at KKIA by facilitating proactive and data-driven decision-making, improving planning, disruption management and utilization of airport assets and resources.

Riyadh Airport kkia saudi arabia
Riyadh Airports Company and ADB SAFEGATE Launch a Next-Generation Airport Management Platform at KKIA

Digital transformation project includes state-of-the-art integrated airport management platform to optimize operational efficiency and enhance passenger

The platform acts as the central database for all operational information generated manually or automatically from different airport data sources. It provides all flight-related data accurately and efficiently in a real-time environment.

RAC's ICT General Manager, Mr. Mohammed S. Alshammari said: “KKIA is on a major digitalization drive. Our goal is to enhance the overall passenger’s experience by adopting advanced solutions and digitally transforming the Saudi capital’s Airport completely. This partnership will enable us to capitalize on the potential represented by the future passenger demand.”

ADB SAFEGATE’s Vice President of Airport Systems & Tower, Sébastien Jodeau confirmed: “It’s an honor to be associated with King Khalid International Airport’s inspirational vision, and further strengthen our long-standing relationship. KKIA’s digital transformation is to utilize technology to
better use of data, to improve processes, and bring stakeholders closer for a better outcome. We aim to help KKIA elevate its offerings and experience through our partnership.”

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