FREQUENTIS: Big success with European aeronautical information services database EAD

Frequentis rejoices about being the chosen partner for the already third decade of EAD for the provision of release development, IT service management, and operations services. This was confirmed in June, with the signature of the multi-year contract extension for the EAD application maintenance and IT services provided by Frequentis as well as for the EAD operations provision by GroupEAD Europe S.L.



FREQUENTIS: Big success with European aeronautical information services database EAD – prolongation of release development, IT service management, and operations contracts

About 25 years ago, the idea of an integrated pan-European database for aeronautical information broke new ground. In a short time, the European aeronautical information services database (EAD) established itself as indispensable service: EAD increases the availability and accessibility of aeronautical information and contributes to reducing safety risks related to the distribution and publication of aeronautical information.

It is also the largest worldwide NOTAM provider and offers a very efficient integrated flight briefing solution. It is the only AIM hub system in the world, certified by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), thus ensuring outstanding aeronautical data quality.

"Frequentis is proud to have been a reliable partner for EAD already since its beginnings," says Frequentis CTO/COO Hermann Mattanovich. “We are very happy to serve EAD and EUROCONTROL also in the third decade of prolongation. With the recently signed contracts we continue to support the EAD programme on three levels – IT Service, Maintenance, and also Operations.”

These contracts will allow the continuous development and modernisation of the EAD system as an innovation driver with superior AIM functionality for the more than 200 EUROCONTROL customers worldwide.

EAD has been in operations since 2003. The respective service provision is done on behalf of EUROCONTROL by GroupEAD, a joint venture of the Spanish air navigation service provider ENAIRE, the German air navigation service provider DFS, and Frequentis AG. Also, the contract for the EAD service provision, including a range of additional services such as training courses for EAD clients, was successfully extended to GroupEAD Europe S.L.

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