Lovenie electric flying karts

The Lovenie company designs electric flying karts for private use in a closed outdoor area.

Lovenie electric flying karts aerobernie
Lovenie electric flying karts

The karts are under development, the first flight tests will take place this summer, the commercialisation could be planned for the fall of 2023.

The karting will be sold in B to C, B to B and Lovenie company develops a competition service.

The karting will be made in France and can be delivered anywhere in the world, according to local legislation.

The concept of Lovenie flying karts is a new proposal of mechanical leisure. They will be used in specific places like outdoor karting tracks, car circuits or racetracks.

The concept meets high safety standards : limited power, limited speed, no turning, height of use limited to two meters, obstacle detection cells, propellers under protection, radio link, digital display, dual control system, equipment and helmet mandatory, and quick access to batteries.

The use of the karting is done in rally, one after the other. Depending on the length of the track and the level of the pilots, it is possible to use several kartings at the same time, but with a safety distance.

Technical data

The kartings are propelled by 8 electric motors powered by interchangeable batteries.

180 lbs, 35 mph, 15 minutes of autonomy

Regarding the certification, Lovenie electric flying karts do not enter in any category, they are neither planes nor cars, nor drones nor ULM.

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