EVFLY, the singaporean based company that wants to improve air mobility in South East Asia

EVFLY, an air fleet management and air transport organisation company, aims to enable the greatest number of people to travel without constraint, at an affordable cost and in complete safety while being respectful of the environment.

EVFLY, air fleet management and air transport organisation company

"In an ever-changing society, we are all dreaming of the perfect combination of freedom, safety and sustainability. With EVFLY we are on a mission to turn these dreams into reality." says Yannick Erbs, founder and CEO of EVFLY.

Yannick Erbs, aviation industry expert, former commercial pilot and founder of Africa West, once one of the largest cargo airline in Africa, founded EVFLY to use his knowledge to develop the eVTOL market in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Supported by a panel of industry-specialists and advisors, EVFLY has the best foundation to become an important actor in the eVTOL industry.

Their fleet is organized through the acquisition of new generation electric aircraft, namely eVTOL and eCTOL. These aircraft have an impact on cost reduction, safety, and carbon emission reduction. The objective is to offer transportation services to B2B and B2C customers starting with Thailand.

The significant reduction in operational costs of their green and modern aircraft will allow them to offer services to a new clientele for whom it was not possible before to use private aircraft services or exclusive air transport services.

And to allow the current consumers to make significant savings.

Their costs will be reduced by 70% compared to the same model of aircraft using fossil fuels.

EVFLY is not only a simple means of transportation for individuals, but it can also be used for different types of missions such as cargo, emergency ambulance, offshore platforms, private VIP transportation and other missions such as road surveillance or fire safety.

evfly Ascendance Flight Technologies aerobernie
Image credit : Ascendance Flight Technologies

To reach their goal, EVFLY have already decided to give their trust to Ascendance Flight Technologies by signing a letter of intent for the purchase of 15 aircraft with an option for 50 aircraft (for delivery until 2030).

They are also actively looking for different manufacturers offering 2-passenger smaller eVTOL or small hybrid aircraft to start their operations of pilot training in Thailand by the end of 2023.

A bright future is ahead for Air Mobility and eVTOL industry in Asia and EVFLY is taking part of it.

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