Yocova: Decarbonising business aviation - reporting, accounting, and net zero

Yocova, the digital platform that unites aviation businesses and professionals around the world, has released a new article that explores the reporting and accounting of business aviation on its path to achieve net zero. 
Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in interest in sustainability across all stakeholders within aviation, as the sector shifts in line with net zero objectives. But how is this playing out in the private and business aviation sector in particular? Aviation journalist John Walton interviewed Kennedy Ricci, President of 4Air, an emissions reductions solution provider focused on private aviation, to find out more. 
Private and business aviation is no exception to the need to reduce emissions and this article explores how private operators have started to implement sustainability initiatives, such as emission reduction, operational efficiencies, the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), and carbon offsetting. 
Walton and Ricci also discuss the potential for cleaner-powered aircraft to come into use in future decades as well the pros and cons of regulations and how in future, it will be important to balance regulations with incentives to push further innovation. 
Find out more in this article, about the steps being taken towards decarbonisation in private and business aviation.

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Decarbonising business aviation: reporting, accounting, and net zero

Yocova comment

“As the aviation sector aims to achieve net zero by 2050, the reduction of carbon emissions is a hot topic for our industry. This article provides an important overview of the development and impact of sustainable aviation fuels and where we may be heading in business and private aviation.”

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