Toulouse-Blagnac Airport : continued passenger growth in July

Passenger traffic at Toulouse-Blagnac airport increased by 3.1% in the month of July, with 882,606 passengers recorded. Domestic traffic showed an increase of 3.5% compared with July 2017. International traffic recorded growth of 2.3%.

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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport- traffic: +3.1% IN JULY


Domestic traffic: 378,205 passengers (+3.5%).

Traffic to Paris has increased (+4.4%), with significant growth observed for Paris-Orly (+5.4%, 169,186 passengers) and Paris-CDG (+2.2%, 77,621 passengers).

Regionally, traffic is rising slightly (+1.8%, 131,398 passengers) with positive results for the majority of destinations. The destinations that saw the strongest growth were Caen (+270.0%, 4,436 passengers), Rennes (+44.3%, 8,569 passengers) and Nantes (+16.7%, 20,255 passengers). 


International traffic: 496,799 passengers (+2.3%)

The Schengen area represented 64.1% of this traffic, and recorded growth of 4% (318,693 passengers). Madrid was still the leader in this segment despite a drop of -3.6% (29,456 passengers). The destinations that saw the strongest growth were Palermo (+64.1%, 4,530 passengers), Geneva (+43.8%, 13,125 passengers) and Porto (+37.8%, 8,246 passengers).

Outside the Schengen area (-4.3%, 112,994 passengers), London is the principal destination (-4.6%), despite a significant drop this month, with 78,170 passengers split among 4 airports: London-Gatwick (-8.0%, 30,067 passengers), London-Heathrow (-1.4%, 24,138 passengers), London-Stansted (-4.9%, 18,835 passengers) and London-Luton (+3.8%, 5,130 passengers).

Traffic to North Africa is growing slightly (+0.2%), with mixed results for Tunisia (+17.1%, 10,294 passengers), Morocco (+4.7%, 19,607 passengers) and Algeria (-1.8%, 17,040 passengers).

With regard to the rest of the world, the Montreal route is thriving (+39.18%, 9,222 passengers).

Charter traffic accounts for 2.1% of the international total, with 10,191 passengers.



Freight and postal traffic is on the rise (+17.5%), with 5,248 tonnes handled.



The number of commercial movements is slightly down (-1.5%), with 7,595 movements carried out. Average capacity is 125 passengers compared with 119 in July 2017

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