Enhanced Voice Recorder Emulator for VoIP Air Traffic Control

GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, addressed the press regarding their enhanced ED-137 Voice Recorder Emulator referred to as MAPS™ ED-137 Recorder Emulator to support volume 4 recording.

ED-137 Voice Recorder Emulator


ED-137 Voice Recorder Emulator

Air traffic control centers are required to provide continuous "ground/ground" and "ground/air" voice communication recordings with synchronized flight related data, for establishing “air traffic incident” chronology, replay, safety improvement, audits, statistics, and training purposes”, said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications .

He further added, “ED137 defines inter-operability standards for the next generation VoIP Air Traffic Recorder. These next generation recorders are specially designed for all traffic control towers and centers to simplify the recording, archiving, and playback of voice communications”.

The latest release adds important new enhancements to MAPS™ ED-137 Recorder Emulator as per ED137-4C Volume 4 Recorder version.

These include:

  • Provides option to simulate both ED137-4B and ED137-4C versions of Recorder Interface
  • Recording 2-byte base R2S header and R2S header extensions (R2S-TLV)
  • Recording Client supports RTSP session keep alive
  • Checking Recorder Server liveliness by sending RTSP OPTIONS requests
  • Simulates Caller Rejected calls, Attended Call Transfer, Joining Conference
  • Simulates proprietary Call Record Details (CRD) metadata
  • All SIP requests and responses will have WG67-Version header updated with Recorder version 'recorder.02'
  • Supports unicast recording sessions, where the SSRC assigned by Recorder Server is used for media stream
  • Additional call properties are added - Call Type, Client Type, ClientId and Disconnect Reason


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