Elite launches new cost-effective fixed wing simulator

Elite Simulation Solutions, a world leader in the design and manufacture of flight simulation products, is pleased to announce a revolutionary, cost effective fixed-wing training device.

Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311


Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311

The Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311 is designed to replicate the function and performance of a multitude of single engine and multi engine aircraft on one simulator platform and has the same professional look and feel as it’s established “big brother”, the Elite S812 FNPT II, which has been in use worldwide since the turn of the Millennium. The main difference between the new Eco-Flyer S311 and it’s “big brother”, the Elite S812 FNPT II, is the former’s affordability and flexibility.

The new Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311 is an advanced aircraft training device which meets FAA AC 61-136B AATD and Australian CASA level b STD (FSD2) certification criteria, for which Elite claims the best benefit to cost ratio in the fixed wing training market.

The Eco-Flyer S311 features life-size, high resolution instruments, Bendix/King Silver Crown based avionics simulation, single engine and multi engine specific switches panels, Garmin 430 replica WAAS GPS simulation, and an external visual system with one or more large flat-screen displays, as well as a multifunctional instructor station.

The intricate design and construction are strong and rigid, yet compact enough, which makes for quick and easy transport and integration into existing or new training sites and requiring a very compact footprint. Due to the revolutionary design concept of the Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311, additional new aircraft modules, GPS receivers and visual systems will be developed in the future as the market need arises.


The following main attributes are covered by the new Eco-Flyer S311


Train in-flight emergencies without the threat of true danger. Using simulation to practice identifying and assessing risk will help students to learn how to avoid dangerous situations in the first place. Utilizing the Eco-Flyer S311 is a valuable way to practice dealing with emergency situations and thereby mitigating risks.



The targeted use of the Eco-Flyer S311 permits fuel savings (CO2 emission and resulting reduction of personal carbon footprint) and reduces the noise pollution caused by real aircraft training flights.



Reduce in-aircraft training and realize direct savings through reduced fuel usage, extending hour-based inspection intervals, and reducing unscheduled maintenance costs, as well as airplane wear and tear by teaching aircraft techniques and procedures on the Eco-Flyer S311.


Availability / flexibility

Training on the simulator can be done independent from actual weather conditions at any time, day or night, by pilots of all experience levels.



The Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311 flight simulator is a high fidelity, low-cost professional training device for IFR and VFR training. Due to its compact design, it requires a very small footprint. The newly developed, ergonomic cockpit enclosure with windows further enhances the immersion factor for the student pilot.

FTO’s and Aeroclubs worldwide will benefit from this cost effective and reliable flight simulation training device, suited especially for VFR training as well as the full range of IFR training. With a host of upgrade options available it serves as a fully comprehensive training package.

Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311

To mark the launch of the new Elite evolution Eco-Flyer S311 Elite has commissioned Switzerland’s premier Airbrush artist Janine Rihs to design and embellish the spirit of this new training device. The resulting masterpiece can be viewed in the attached pictures. Elite will be displaying the new product at local air shows throughout Europe, as part of an extensive marketing campaign. Over the course of next year, the Eco-Flyer S311 will also be available for test flights at various dealership locations across Europe. In addition, the Eco-Flyer S311 will be on permanent display from December 2019 on at Elite’s HQ near Zurich in Switzerland.

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