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May Traffic Figures - Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Toulouse-Blagnac airport welcomed 854,296 passengers in May, a 3.8% increase compared to May 2017. Again this month, business was disrupted by numerous flight cancellations, owing to the air transport strikes. While domestic traffic is down (-4.4%), international traffic is up 12.3%, accounting for 52.7% of the total traffic.

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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport : +3.8 in May


Domestic traffic: 400,877 passengers (-4.4%).

Traffic to Paris has dropped (-7.7%), more significantly for Paris-Orly (-8.6%, 192,269 passengers) than for Paris-CDG (-5.5%, 74,505 passengers). Regionally, traffic is rising (+2.9%, 134,103 passengers) with positive results for the majority of destinations. The most significant growth concerns Caen (+108.6%, 3,676 passengers), Bastia (+29.2%, 6,479 passengers) and Nantes (+22%, 26,622 passengers).


International traffic: 446,688 passengers (+12.3%).

The Schengen area (68.8% of traffic) shows good growth (+16.1%, 307,490 passengers), as does the most popular destination, Madrid (+12.1%, 36,727 passengers). The destinations that saw the strongest growth were Venice (+97.2%, 7,713 passengers), Porto (+74.2%, 10,448 passengers) and Malaga (+67.9%, 7,837 passengers).

Outside the Schengen area (+5.5%, 93,513 passengers), London remains the principal destination (+5.1%) with 65,118 passengers split among four airports: London-Gatwick (+4.8%, 23,297 passengers), London-Heathrow (+1%, 20,981 passengers), London-Stansted (+8.1%, 15,390 passengers) and London-Luton (+15%, 5,450 passengers).

Traffic to North Africa is falling (-3.6%), despite strong growth for Tunisia (+31%, 7,916 passengers), which does not offset the decline for Morocco (-4.7%, 16,726 passengers) and Algeria (-18.4%, 10,506 passengers).

Charter traffic accounts for 2.7% of international traffic, with 12,178 passengers.



Freight and postal traffic is down (-20.8%), with 4,844 tonnes handled.



The number of movements is down (-4.4%), with 7,940 movements recorded. The average passenger load per flight increased (116 passengers) compared to that of May 2017 (107 passengers).

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