APIs for Protocol Simulation, Conformance and Regression Testing

GL Communications Inc. a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, announced its insight into Test Automation and Remote Testing through “API Support for MAPS™ Emulation Platform”.  API capability has wide ranging applications for Signalling and Traffic Simulation over IP, Wireless, TDM and Analog Networks. The APIs allow easy integration with Network Instruments’ TestStand and LabView and QualiSystems' TestShell software frameworks offering complete Lab Management, Device Provisioning and Test Automation solutions for engineers.

APIs for Protocol Simulation, Conformance and Regression Testing
APIs for Protocol Simulation, Conformance & Regression Testing

Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the GL Communications Inc said, “MAPS™ can be configured as server-side application, to enable remote controlling through multiple command-line based clients including Python, Java, VBScripts, TCL, and others. The MAPS™ APIs allows for programmatic and automated control over all MAPS™ platforms. Each MAPS™ server can receive multiple client connections and offer independent execution to each client. Likewise, a single client can connect to multiple MAPS™ servers, including servers running different protocols, permitting complex cross-protocol test cases.”

He further added, “The MAPS™ application provides access to Signalling and Traffic simulation functionalities listed below remotely using Command Line Interface (CLI) and APIs clients such as Python, TCL, Java, VBScripts and others.”

  • Functional regression testing
  • Long duration, high volume performance/load testing
  • Protocol conformance testing
  • Negative testing
  • IVR traversal
  • Interoperability testing
  • Voice Quality testing


Working Principle of MAPS™ CLI

GL’s MAPS™ CLI Client/Server platform supports various client libraries in different languages, so that users can make use of these different libraries to talk to the MAPS server, and achieve automation using their language of choice. However, these are relatively low-level libraries, which gives users a very fine grain control, but also requires users to put in a bit more effort to program with it.

Shown below is the working principle of the MAPS™ CLI Test System.

  • Client user (TCL, Python, VBScript, Java, and .Net) run client scripts which executes the command that instructs the MAPS™ CLI Server
  • MAPS™ Client interface interprets the User Events from Client user to MAPS™ CLI Server and vice versa
  • MAPS™ CLI Server runs the CLI script which emulates the state machine to place/answer the call or send/receive traffic
  • In case of T1 E1 Protocols, MAPS™ CLI Server additionally interacts with the T1 E1 WCS server to perform the requested task. The reports are generated for the event performed and is sent back to Client user


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