xStream annouced as the Overall Excellence in ATM Award winner

In Issue 4, 2019, Air Traffic Management had the pleasure of announcing the winners within each of the individual categories of the ATM Awards 2019. Each was judged to be an outstanding performer leading innovation within their respective areas of the industry.

xStream : Overall Excellence in ATM
xStream : Overall Excellence in ATM

An impressive number of nominations from global organizations were received for the first ever ATM Awards of which 36 went forward to final judging by our world class panel of expert judges. Judging was conducted by a panel of senior experts from some of the leading aviation organisations around the world including EUROCONTROL, the US Federal Aviation Administration, ICAO, IATA, IFATCA, the SESAR Deployment Manager and the SESAR Joint Undertaking had the difficult task of selecting the category finalists from the shortlist.

Although the winners and runners up of each category were announced as noted above, the overall winner was due to be announced in Madrid at the World ATM Congress. With the cancellation of the Congress we were not able to present the award in person as originally planned.

It is still with great pleasure that we are able to announce that the overall award winner is from the Environment category. A topic that is of high priority in the Air Traffic Management industry today. The Overall Excellence in ATM Award goes to the xStream submission. FABEC in conjunction with the air navigation service providers (ANSPs) from France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland worked in collaboration with NATS, Air France, Lufthansa and Swiss to accomplish this goal.

The xStream project , led by the French ANSP DSNA, consisted of cross-border SESAR trials for Enhanced Arrival Management. A project to deliver user-ready operational arrival management solutions, delivering reduced holding, up to 30kg fuel savings per arrival, and reduced arrival ATFCM delay of 5 percent. The panel of judges were clearly aligned with the selection of the overall winner.

Trophée ATM Award xStream

Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, on the behalf of the CEOs of FABEC ANSPs, said “We are very honoured by this prestigious ATM Award assesed by a panel of professional judges. This prize recognizes a collaborative, very promising work of FABEC ANSPs to improve flight efficiency. Real benefits for greener flights have been demonstrated! A SESAR Solution ready for deployment in line with the Green Deal initiative launched by the European Commission.

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