First signs of air traffic recovery in Italy

Air traffic in Italy displays the first signs of recovery. Flights in the Italian airspace in June recorded a progressive increase: in the first days of June ENAV managed an average of 500 flights a day, while from the middle of the month traffic volumes increased by 45%, reaching 1,100 daily flights recorded on the days from 22 to 24 June.

aerobernie enav ansp control tower italy
Italy: In the current week traffic up 45% compared to the beginning of June

More in detail 359 are domestic flights (arrival and departure on Italian airports), 478 are international flights (arrival or departure from/to a foreign airport) and 280 are overflights (that cross the Italian airspace without landing or taking off from Italian airports).

Data show that overflights and international traffic have increased by 7%, while domestic traffic has grown by 20%.

The progressive recovery of traffic on the Italian airspace is in line with the growth trend recorded in the rest of Europe.

During the lockdown phase, which resulted in a 90% reduction in air traffic over European skies, ENAV continued to provide its air traffic control services nationwide to ensure the transportation of medicines and health personnel also from abroad. The Company has developed a contingency plan to safeguard the health of its operating personnel, carrying out shifts of alternate and exchangeable air traffic controller teams, managed in total safety.

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