SESAR Deployment Manager and stakeholders committed to Air Traffic Management modernization

For the past six years, SESAR Deployment Manager has successfully translated stakeholder commitment supported by European funding into tangible ATM modernisation. 2020 has been challenging for all stakeholders, with an unprecedented crisis that has greatly affected the aviation sector and is unfortunately still ongoing.

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Air Traffic Management modernization

Nevertheless, despite the difficulties being faced, the number of completed deployment projects has kept on raising to 156 today, demonstrating that deployment partners are deeply committed to continue ATM modernisation through SESAR deployment.

Over 150 Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation projects have been completed and will continue bringing benefits to the European passengers, citizens and economy.

The European Air Traffic Management modernization journey continues - SESAR Deployment Manager

Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager, SESAR Deployment Manager, said; “If this crisis has proven one thing, it is that we are indeed much stronger together. We took our joint forces to a fully virtual level while making European ATM more effective, cost-efficient, scalable, and environmentally sustainable. It is now more crucial than ever to continue this joint journey of ATM modernisation we are living together.”


At our recent Annual Event, the European Commission and Innovation and Networks Executive Agency confirmed key SESAR deployment milestones successfully achieved, strong partnerships built together with over 100 aviation partners in Europe and the commitment of the aviation industry as the key to successful ATM modernisation. SESAR deployment delivers.

Discover the highlights & European keynotes of the Annual Event here.


We are grateful to our stakeholders who remain committed to SESAR ATM modernisation, despite the challenges they are facing. The 156 completed ATM modernisation projects today are complemented by another 187 ongoing projects, of which some are also close to completion.


“This is a joint and truly European result. A strong basis to continue modernisation in 2021 and keep on delivering a greener, more sustainable and digital Air Traffic Management in Europe.” Nicolas Warinsko concluded.


Check all deployment projects, their benefits and current status by clicking here.

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