Skye Aviation Orders Additional Bye Aerospace eFlyer 800s

Bye Aerospace announced that Skye Aviation, LLC, an aircraft leasing company featuring all-electric airplanes, has completed purchase deposits for two additional eFlyer 800 aircraft and paid option agreements for three additional eFlyer 800s.

Skye Aviation Orders Additional Bye Aerospace eFlyer 800s aerobernie
Skye Aviation Orders Additional Bye Aerospace eFlyer 800s

“Skye Aviation is a bridge that provides access to the many benefits of this incredible airplane,” said George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. “A leasing solution provides an access and growth path for fleet operators to what might otherwise be a capital-constrained asset challenge.” In July, Bye Aerospace announced that Skye Aviation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, had previously completed purchase deposits for 15 eFlyer 800s.

 “We are excited to add more eFlyer 800s to our portfolio which, in turn, offers our customers increased leasing options to serve a growing market,” said Carol Johnson, Skye Aviation representative. “The transportation industry is witnessing a sea-change in travelers’ preferences for small group, on-demand, urban air mobility options. In partnering with the Bye Aerospace team, the industry leader for sustainable aircraft development, we at Skye Aviation are thrilled to be able to offer options for placing low operating-cost eFlyer aircraft into customer fleets and business models.”

Bye Aerospace announced the eFlyer 800 program earlier in 2021 in response to growing demands for all-electric regional business airplanes with five-fold reduced operating costs compared to legacy turboprops, high speed and altitude, plus increased capacity and utility. The eight seat eFlyer 800 twin turbo-prop category also has a best-in-class 65-inch-wide cabin for business transportation.  A higher density 12-seat configuration is being studied for commuter operators, while an increase in motor rating to balance aircraft and payload weight increases is also being considered.

All the company’s current and future families of aircraft feature engineering, research and electric aircraft solutions, and are designed to specifically address compelling market needs.  Benefits include five-fold lower operating costs, no CO2 emissions and decreased noise. The company estimates eFlyer will eventually eliminate the release of millions of metric tons of CO2 each year as its deliveries begin and the general aviation fleet is replaced.

Bye Aerospace is in the process of obtaining FAA Part-23 certification for the eFlyer 2 for the professional flight training mission and the four-seat eFlyer 4 for air taxi, cargo and advanced training uses. The company currently has nearly 900 airplanes in its production backlog over its three models of eFlyer aircraft.

All-Electric eFlyer 800 from Bye Aerospace

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