Saab and ATECH Team up to Bring Digital Tower to Brazil and Latin America

Through the partnership between Saab and ATECH, digital tower solutions will be available to both civil and military customers in Latin America. This cooperation is the basis for future joint innovations in supporting new efficient digital services, as well as a way to reduce the overall environmental footprint of ATM.

Atech and Saab representatives celebrate agreement during World ATM Congress 2022 aerobernie
Atech and Saab representatives celebrate agreement during World ATM Congress 2022. In the photo, Atech's CEO, Edson Mallaco, Atech's ATM Business Manager, Walter Pizzo, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions' CEO, Per Ahl, and the Head of Air Traffic Management Tower Systems, Tomas Hjelmberg.
Saab and ATECH Negocios em Tecnologias S/A have agreed to cooperate and to offer a sustainable and efficient digital tower solution for the Latin American region

"Teaming up with ATECH within the Latin American market will improve our local product offer and provide a business model that combines the best of both worlds," says Per Ahl, CEO at Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions.

"With Saab as a partner, our digital tower offer will be attractive and support a variety of applications, both civil and military, expanding the remote and digital components of our gate to gate solutions," says Edson Mallaco, CEO at ATECH.

Saab has wide experience with running digital tower operations, from initial operational, technical and business case analysis and implementation, to training and organisation change management. The first remotely controlled airport in the world was developed and brought into operation by Saab and the Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services, on April 21st, 2015.

Atech's innovative concentration of digital solutions, like the remote AFIS for DECEA operations in Brazil, allied with a strong presence and knowledge of the region, and together with the industrial leadership from Saab within digital towers, will create a strong combination to support the ATM market in the best way.

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