Argentinian airspace: new message handling system supports

Frequentis Comsoft has deployed an aeronautical message handling system (AMHS) for Argentinian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) EANA.

Argentinian airspace puts enhanced message handling system into operation in Latin America
  • New message handling system supports Argentina’s modernisation program
  • System qualified to convert over 900 aeronautical messages per second
  • Five flight information regions benefit from new message handling system
  • Frequentis Comsoft system is already operational in almost 70 countries worldwide


The solution consists of a main, contingency and training system, supporting EANA’s mission to deliver safe, efficient, and sustainable air navigation services in Argentinian airspace. The solution replaces the country’s previous AMHS system.

Argentina is the second largest and second most visited country in Latin America. With two major airports (Ezeiza and Aeroparque), Buenos Aires leads the effort to recover passenger numbers since Argentina reopened its borders to tourists at the end of 2021.

EANA and Frequentis can look back on a long and established partnership and recently concluded the installation of the Frequentis voice communication systems (VCS) and DIVOS recording systems for all Argentinian flight information regions (FIRs) at five ACCs

“We are pleased to have placed our trust in the expertise of Frequentis Comsoft, with a message handling system that is in operation in almost 70 countries worldwide. Our teams worked together successfully to ensure that the solution was installed in an efficient and timely manner and it has since proved to be very reliable and user-friendly”, said Gabriela Logatto, President of EANA and Executive Committee Member at CANSO.

AIDA-NG is based on the ECG system designed in close cooperation with leading ANSPs and is the only AMHS/AFTN on the market that provides fully integrated and uniform message handling facilities, such as efficient queue handling and tracing for all connected networks. AIDA-NG systems have been qualified to switch more than 900 messages per second continuously and are already prepared for future aeronautical messaging environments and high message loads.

“The new AMHS system supports EANA’s ambitious program to modernise aeronautical communications and complements the communication chain executed with the Frequentis portfolio”, says Constantin von Reden, Managing Director at Frequentis Comsoft. “We are pleased to have added EANA to our list of AIDA-NG customers.”

Frequentis Comsoft’s Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent – Next Generation (AIDA-NG) is the market leader in the AMHS domain. The system for EANA has been successfully operational since April 2022 with five FIRs benefiting from a location independent, fully redundant operating system, a contingency system and a training simulator. Switching over operational services can be performed in minutes, making contingency management very simple.


The user terminal CADAS-ATS provides a comprehensive set of virtual terminal applications, offering secure access over the internet for nationwide services. The application can be started on any PC with certain technical specifications and supports multiple operating systems, thus administration and physical setup are less time consuming and costly. The virtual capabilities also result in improved scalability.

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