Triple, parallel, independent PBN / ILS at Paris-CDG and Le Bourget Airports

Since 9th October 2018, the French DSNA, the French air navigation service provider, has been using a mixed landing PBN/ILS concept at Paris-CDG and Paris-Le Bourget airports, a first in Europe ! With this innovative project, the approach controller has various options to operate the parallel approaches network. As regards aircraft equipment, 95% of airlines can fly using these PBN procedures at Paris-CDG and about 60% at Le Bourget.

Triple parallel independent PBN paris cdg le bourget



Most capable, Best served

These PBN procedures offer a back-up solution in case of ILS unavailability and improve traffic regularity thanks to optimized approach procedures and simultaneous use of runways. They contribute to maintaining safely a high level of capacity at Paris-CDG and Le Bourget. And from summer 2019, the principle of “Most capable, Best served” will be deployed in TMA Paris !

To implement this project, it was necessary to adapt national regulation and to provide consistent customer information and a comprehensive air traffic control training plan.

Maurice GEORGES, DSNA CEO, said: “This major achievement is the result of close cooperation with Air France, Airbus and the company European Satellite Service Provider (ESSP). For the PBN equipped operators, this solution will provide real quick wins in terms of capacity during the forthcoming replacement period of ILS 27 at Le Bourget airport from 8th July to 30th October 2019.”


IHS Jane’s ATC Awards in the category “Environment”

The PBN concept developed in Europe is based on SESAR solutions. The project PBN@CDG was co-financed by the European Union (INEA) during the period 2014-2018. This project has been recognised in the IHS Jane’s ATC Awards in the category “Environment” at the World ATM Congress in Madrid.

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