ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems launches AS-Vision

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems is showcasing AS-Vision, its new mobile platform for airport operations, at inter airport Europe 2019. The platform offers a dynamic, role-based view of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) operational milestones. Airport and airline staff can view data relevant to their functional roles on any mobile device and manage airport performance on the move.

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ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems launches AS-Vision, a more responsive way to manage airport performance

In the future, the platform will include the entire Airport Systems portfolio, ADB SAFEGATE apps and data from other airport partners to provide full visibility into operational performance. Trials of an earlier version of the platform are in progress at a leading European airport.


Mobile platform offers real-time views of key operational milestones on any device; enables more accurate, faster decisions

"Digital transformation using cloud and mobility of data can revolutionize airports, delivering a more responsive, real-time and unified view of operations. Airport staff can take and act on the right decisions, more quickly,“ said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB SAFEGATE. “AS-Vision is part of our Total Airport Management offering. What sets this platform apart is that it draws from our rich Airport Systems experience, and builds on it through collaboration with the airport ecosystem.“


AS-Vision relies on operational data from reliable and central sources such as the Airport Operations Database (AODB), and displays it on a mobile device in a user-friendly view, with a consistent look and feel. Airports can grant access rights to this data based on the functional roles of airport and airline staff. Depending on what’s relevant to their role, users can view 16 A-CDM milestones across flight landing, turnaround and takeoff. AS-Vision also shows how an airport is performing on arrivals, departures, runway capacity and accuracy of Target Off-Block Time. This visibility on airport performance is especially valuable to airlines, and airport operations teams, who can intervene quickly, while on the move. 

While AS-Vision is designed to support ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems’ Airport Performance Expert (AS-APEX), the platform can evolve to include the complete AS portfolio, ADB SAFEGATE solutions such as SafeControl Apron Management and Airside Location-based Inspection and Service, and data from airport partners such as rail and bus services. The platform is agile and can be configured quickly and easily, to suit customer needs.

The platform is currently on trial at a leading European airport which has selected numerous use cases for the product in production including VIP Concierge, apron management, airport management, and customs. One key feature – the flights page which displays arrivals and departures in a flexible, easy-to-view card format – has received positive feedback from users. 

 AS-Vision will be available commercially in 2020. More pilot trials at other major airports are currently in the pipeline.

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