Next-Generation Graphics For ATM Simulation: UNIGINE

UNIGINE 2 Sim is a software platform for real-time 3D visualization in professional simulators. ATC tower simulation, ground services (first responders, maintenance, etc.), and flight simulation - all of these systems use UNIGINE to visualize immersive 3D virtual environments with a realistic representation of complex weather conditions and intense traffic.

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UNIGINE: Next-Generation 3D Graphics For ATM

UNIGINE 2 Sim is already used by leading companies from the aerospace industry: UFA, KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries), Avic, TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute), Daedalean, VNIIRA, Rocket And Space Corporation Energia, DLR (German Aerospace Center), and much more, 200+ companies worldwide.

Developers can use UNIGINE 2 Sim’SDK or UNIGINE can deliver a turnkey solution if you do not have a software/content development team internally.

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Key Advantages

  • Lifelike weather effects: multi-layered volumetric 3D clouds of different types, fog, low visibility, precipitation effects.
  • Amazing performance: 60 Hz at 4K resolution on consumer-grade hardware; thousands of moving entities.
  • Ease of integration: CIGI/HLA/DIS standard protocols, C++/C# APIs, Windows and Linux support.
  • Flexibility: can be deployed in multi-channel mode (supports panoramic displays up to 360 degrees) or in VR headsets.
unigine world atm congress

Visit UNIGINE #1328 at World ATM  Congress 2020 to see the live demo of UNIGINE 2 Sim and talk to the UNIGINE team.

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