HungaroControl : The launch of SkyHub

HungaroControl prepared for the world’s largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference to showcase its visionary solutions. Although the World ATM Congress (WAC) has been cancelled, our industry requires innovation more than ever to tackle the capacity crisis.


The launch of SkyHub

HungaroControl’s SkyHub is the brand behind all our complex products and services, which make up our tailored solutions to industry. From remote tower implementation through to advanced ATM tools and intelligent drone applications, we build each and every solution with one purpose: shaping tomorrow’s skies.

Additionally, we are already harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to leverage its benefits within simulation and operational environments. An example of this is our Virtual Pseudo Pilot, the ultimate software solution for ATC simulators built with unique pilot logic, which executes pseudo pilot tasks. Similarly, our AI based DeFog Tool is a state-of-the-art software solution enables you to guide aircraft even in dense fog.

Under SkyHub, we will continue to tackle our customers’ most tackling issues and deliver sustainable performance

HungaroControl SkyHub

Improving our integrated ATM system with Rohde&Schwarz’s direction finding system

CERTIUM Locate – the latest direction finding system from Rohde & Schwarz – will be rolled out by HungaroControl to enhance the performance of air traffic control in a crowded segment of European airspace; during 2019, more than one million flights were managed in Hungarian airspace.

HungaroControl awarded Rohde & Schwarz a contract to provide the CERTIUM Locate solution consisting of seven R&S DF-ATC-S direction finding systems in combination with a central location server that interfaces with the main ATM system.


Co-Winner of the 2020 ATM Awards

During the 2020 ATM Awards, HungaroControl was shortlisted across three categories and is a winner alongside other industry leading partners for the Research & Innovation Award; HungaroControl joins the winning party for its contribution to the SESAR PJ.16 Virtual Centres project.

The project aimed to separate and reallocate data provision and service provision roles. HungaroControl played an integral role in supporting the demonstration and validation of this concept.

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